About Us

*T92 fashion*

*About me – Thomas Csobadi*
Born in Vienna in the early 90s (1992) – hence the name T92 – I fell in love with football very early on. On the way to a professional career, the thought of a “career afterwards” occupied me very early on.
One day, while working part-time, I was asked to design a piece of clothing myself.
As a footballer, I quickly realised that I was also a kind of free spirit as a designer. Creative, courageous, extravagant, even provocative and prepared to be different, to polarise.

*T92 e.U*
So I founded my own small label “T92” back in 2016 with the intention of growing it so that I could make a living from it after my active sports career.
But fate accelerated the growth of my project in a painful way.
Life-threatening injuries sustained while playing football forced me to turn my back on my beloved passion.
I am now devoting all my creativity and energy to my own company “T92”.

*Fashion has no rules – ready for a new style
Inspired by major international global brands, it motivates me every day to combine quality and unique designs and to mould them into affordable products and sell them to people who are consciously dressed in a striking and chilled way.
Extravagant street style with a love of detail!

T92 is packed with details, is bold in its colour combinations and therefore not for people who like to go with the flow and wear “basics”.

Cosiness, sportiness, conspicuousness and yet modern suitability for everyday wear, even as a business outfit – that’s what T92 stands for.
In addition to my personal signature, which adorns all items of clothing as a trademark, the colour violet is also an integral part of every piece.
The idea that “fashion has no rules” characterises my label and gives my customers an individual look that polarises.

The goal of making the casual “jogging style” presentable in a glamorous way drives me every day and constantly inspires me for new projects, because it’s like in sport: you can only perform if you train every day!